Jane Lo is a Chinese-Canadian writer and English teacher. Shortly after Lo was born in Hong Kong, her family moved to Vancouver. In university she studied Biblical Hebrew and English Literature and loved both: she pursued further studies in one (Hebrew) and a career teaching the other (English). Over the years she has worked and studied in both cities, but she is now happily settled in Hong Kong, and lives with her husband, their two sweet but boisterous children, and their extremely shy leopard gecko, Snowy. Reading and writing are her passions. ALL I EVER WANTED is her first novel.
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Norah, a vivacious ESL teacher in Hong Kong, deftly straddles two worlds: she is Chinese, but sees life through a western lens because of her upbringing. These two worlds collide when she meets sweet, chivalrous Ben and marries him against her parents’ wishes. Suddenly a wife and daughter-in-law in a traditional Chinese household, Norah is torn between speaking Chinese and English, between being Ben’s wife and her own person, and between giving in to her mother-in-law’s senseless demands and standing up for herself and the way she wants to raise their baby, Joey. Ben, meanwhile, finds himself running in circles in an attempt to keep the peace, but to no avail: despite his best efforts, his mother continues to be critical and disapproving, and his wife quietly discontented. But when Ben’s mother unwittingly puts baby Joey’s life in danger, Norah and Ben realize they cannot go on like this. How much are they willing to give up for their happily ever after—or is a happy ending firmly out of reach for a couple like them?

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'Fish Cheeks' (2023)

Flash Fiction Magazine

I’m going to wet myself if I don’t get to a toilet soon. “Nurse,” I call. Not loud or anything. Not obnoxious. Everyone in the ward is asleep except me. The nurse on duty continues scribbling notes in her logbook. Her bun quivers as she writes.

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'Hilda' (2021)


All week Eve hoped for the typhoon. She checked her Apple watch religiously, keeping tabs on the cyclone tracker between lessons and sometimes even during them, when her students’ heads were bent over their grammar exercises and compositions.

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'Maa Maa' (2015)

Fairlight Shorts

I ring the bell and wait at the door alone today. Tung said he was feeling achy and needed to lie down. That sounds grand, really, what with this humidity. And yet I cannot bring myself to stay away. Our grandson doesn’t care for us, but he knows us. If we do not come, who knows how soon it will be before he forgets us completely and regards us as strangers? And so I come...

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Meet the Author of a Hong Kong Love Story!

Meet the Author of a Hong Kong Love Story!


Craving a new love story? We talk to Jane Lo about her debut novel, All I Ever Wanted, where a couple must face a battle between their own beliefs and parental and cultural expectations. We also hear how Jane channels her passion for writing Hong Kong stories, romance novels and more...

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My Path to Publication

My Path to Publication


I’ve always loved to write stories. Prior to 2020, I had written a few short stories and personal essays – and when I was in high school, had even written a long, meandering tale I liked to think of as a ‘novella’ – but it wasn’t until January 2020 that I really began to take my writing seriously. This was when I took my first novel writing course, and when I began writing every day. In some ways, it was an unlikely time for this to happen...

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